Urban League Reading Diagnostic Test

Use evidence from the following reading passage to answer the 10 questions provided in the quiz beneath the text titled "Urban League Reading Diagnostic Test".

You will be able to review all of your answers before submitting them, but you will only be allowed to take the quiz one time.

Make sure you take your time and read carefully!


Urban League Writing Diagnostic Test

Complete the 11-question quiz below titled "Urban League Writing Diagnostic Test".

The text and accompanying questions are all provided in the quiz.

You will be able to review your answers before submitting, but you are only allowed to take the quiz one time, so take your time and read carefully!

Urban League Math Diagnostic Test

Follow the instructions below carefully in order to complete the Math Diagnostic Test. It shouldn't take much longer than 15 minutes to complete, so please take your time and do it properly.

  • Step 2: Click the "LOG IN" (NOT SIGN UP) Button at the top right of the screen

  • Step 4: Once you successfully login, you will see the following screen:


From here, click on the "Games" Button at the top of the screen.

  • Step 5: After clicking on the "Games" Button you will be brought to this screen:


From here, scroll down until you see the list of games:


Scroll through the list of games until you come across the "Predict Your Score Game"

  • Step 6: By clicking on the "Predict Your Score" Game, you will begin a 15 question quiz with a 1-minute time limit for each question. You can use a calculator and write down your work in order to solve each question. You cannot go back to a question once you've answered it.

  • Step 7: When you have completed the quiz, you will see your results on the screen like below:


If you would like to play the "Predict Your Score" Game again until you get a score you are happy with, simply click on the "Games" button and play it again. We encourage you to play the game more than once so that you can get comfortable with it and achieve your best score!

Once you are satisfied with your score, take a picture of the results screen above and email it or text it to us (with your name) at: contact@gradefultestprep.com or (561) 900-6217.